Testing for and frequency of molecular alterations in patients with advanced NSCLC in Germany. Results from the prospective German Registry CRISP (AIO-TRK-0315).

Griesinger, F., Eberhardt, W., Nusch, A., Reiser, M., Bernhardt, C., Marschner, N., Jaenicke, M., Fleitz, A., Spring, L., Sahlmann, J., Karatas, A., Hipper, A., Weichert, W., Rittmeyer, A., Bischoff, H., Waller, C., Sebastian, M., Thomas, M., 2018.

Ann Oncol, 43rd ESMO Congress 29 (suppl 8)(1428P). doi:https://doi.org/10.1093/annonc/mdy292.050