Our Research

iOMEDICO is a clinical research institute and clinical research organization with academic scope. We are experts and specialists in oncology and hematology. In cooperation with our national and international oncology network, we translate clinical questions into practical trial concepts.

Active Studies

Clinical trials provide early access to modern and cutting-edge treatment options to patients and study sites. Patients receive better treatment, closer monitoring and enhanced patient care, while trials and registries advance progress in cancer research. By participating, you contribute to the improvement of treatment options in hematology and oncology.


Scientific Study Symposium: Impulses for Research and Health Care

Symposium for Innovation in Trial- und Medical Practice Logistics: More time for patients.

Registry Meeting: Highlights of Health Economics and Epidemiology

Intelligent software systems for physician and patient

Paperless clinical trials were our vision when we started out in 1993 – and we have remained true to this concept. We are pioneers and trailblazers in developing digital electronic data capturing systems (EDC).

To collect patient-reported outcomes in a patient-oriented manner we also conduct digital and mobile patient surveys. Our highly efficient information portals support study centers.

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