Study and Registry Portal

Information ensures transparency in the conduct of studies. Valuable information can be found in our study and registry portals, which are available to all partners participating in a project, can be accessed online and contain comprehensive information about our studies.

  • Presentations, study results and available publications
  • Identification of projects open for new sites
  • Individual up-to-date status reports and recruitment charts
  • Important study documents and tools such as starter kits
  • Synopses, news, contacts, and FAQ
  • Direct access to the EDC

The new Registry Portal is the entry hub for our tumor registries and registry platforms. Our new PAN registry concept makes the difference: participation in one registry enables study sites to recruit patients for all other entities as well. A single set-up allows access via the platform and direct documentation. Thus, the number of participating centers increases from around 150 to up to 500.