Digital solutions for every day study routines

Speed, quality of data capture and information transfer are the decisive factors in the field of clinical research. Since 1993, we have been developing practice-oriented electronic systems to meet the need for paperless media – and have made them available to our partners.

Closely interlocked and finely tuned digital structures run through all iOMEDICO’s areas – internally and externally.

EDC – Paperless documentation of study data

Paperless clinical trials – this is the vision with which iOMEDICO started out to become a pioneer in the development of an electronic study documentation system: paperless and quality assured.

PRO Patient

  • Patient surveys without paper questionnaires
  • Patient-reported outcome for patient-oriented research
  • Utilises time in the waiting area
  • Mobile, digital, simple
  • Intuitive and user-friendly


  • Study finder for trial sites
  • Yyour own studies, including key data, at a glance
  • Efficient patient recruitment
  • Access to innovative substances through attractive study offerings
  • Common study pool through local cross-linking

Study Portal

  • Study website with comprehensive information around the projects
  • Expand your study portfolio easily
  • Directly retrieve study status and documents
  • Central platform with access to EDC