TRIALS is the platform for efficient patient recruitment. The web tool shows all the relevant information at a glance – individually compiled for all of the center’s recruiting projects. The appropriate study for the patient can be identified with just a few clicks.

  • All your studies at a glance. Find all relevant information for recruitment easily.
  • See immediately how much effort the trial requires and whether enrolment is possible
  • Participation in the trial can be prepared for during patient consultation.
  • Complementing TRIALS with studies from other providers makes it a one-stop solution.

In just a few minutes, a complete, customized overview of all current studies at the center is created.

Clinical trials in a network

TRIALS supports local collaborations. Network partners can grant each other viewing rights for studies which they are currently recruiting for. This gives all partners an overview of active studies, opening up a shared study pool.

Networked centers can offer their patients up-to-date treatment concepts and refer them to the respective partner center if necessary. This gives patients early access to modern and innovative therapies through attractive study offers. Efficient, patient-oriented collaboration.