Focussing on the patient

The patient’s perspective and their quality of life play an important part in the assessment of oncology therapies. Patient-Reported Outcome data (PROs) are collected directly from the patient via paper-based or electronic surveys. The correlation of PROs with clinical disease data is the base for valid statements about a connection between treatment and quality of life, way of living and disease process.

Since 2001, iOMEDICO has been conducting projects with PROs – in clinicals trials and in health care research projects. With their longstanding experience in diverse PRO survey issues, patient populations and study designs, our PRO experts support the projects from concept design to publication.

The iOMEDICO SMO GmbH coordinates the patient surveys. Over 15 000 questionnaires are dispatched every year. The excellent response rates of 70 % – 90 %, even during the course of palliative treatment, highlights the projects’ acceptance and the success of the logistical strategy.


The patient-sided documentation of the future

Via the PRO Patient Platform it is possible to conduct patient surveys paperless through tablet computers. The patient answers the respective questionnaire while waiting in the waiting room, quality ensured and time efficient. Operating PRO Patient is easy and intuitive for staff and patient alike.


  • Design of patient surveys
  • Selection of suitable, validated questionnaires
  • Development and validation of questionnaires for specific issues
  • Questionnaire management in consideration of data protection laws
  • Analysis, description and interpretation
  • Publication