Platforms of Scientific Exchange

Research demands a transfer of knowledge. Besides the presentation of results at conferences, we initiated several types of meetings to further direct exchange.

Under the motto Impulses for Research and Health Care iOMEDICO events focus on interdisciplinary dialogue. Everyone involved in clinical research discuss the most recent research results, therapy approaches and study concepts, how to transfer practical experiences into solutions for clinical routine and initiate cooperation projects. Every meeting is a special event, which fosters collaboration within the study group by collegial exchange of experiences.

Since the year 2012, this scientific study symposium is the yearly meeting place for hematologists and oncologists engaged in studies, representatives of study groups, and research-dedicated pharmaceutical companies.

First-rate keynote lectures cover the latest topics at the intersection of research and treatment. Numerous workshops on different oncological indications, an oncological quartet and recently also a science slam complete the programme.

More time for the patients – under this motto the symposium is devoted to optimizing processes and structures in oncological centers.

The focus is on lectures and workshops on digitalization of medical technology, the possibilities of electronic data processing, and the organization of procedures and structures in daily routine in the medical practice and in clinical studies. These are important considerations to meet the rising challenges in tomorrow’s patient care.

The newest analyses from the Real World databases of our tumor registries and registry platforms are presented every year in fall, conjunct with the DGHO congress.

Entity-specific data on diagnostics and treatment, biomarker profiles and Patient-Reported Outcomes are an important contribution to improve patient care in oncological routine.

Study group meetings improve quality, patient recruitment and collaboration in the course of study projects.

Up to date scientific results and insights into the study concept, as well as comprehensive information about conduct and the study status are discussed. This is valuable to all participants and refreshes the focus.