Research to improve quality in tumor treatment and patient care

The significance of health care research and real-world data has become more and more obvious in recent years: Numerous scientific and practice-oriented questions can be answered with high-quality registry data. iOMEDICO launched the first tumor registry already in 2006. Since then, an extensive Real World data base has been build, which is outstanding in its scope, in-depths characterisations of patient paths, longterm observational data and real-world data expertise.

Tumor registries und 21 satellite projects
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Their representativity and in-depths databases turn our network registries into an often-quoted base for the health care service landscape in Germany. More than 200 publications have been published and presented by participants of the network nationally as well as internationally.


Registry platforms with Patient-Reported Outcome

Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) are a crucial aspect in the evaluation of oncological therapies. They capture the patient’s perspective, which is often not recorded through clinical parameters. Correlations between therapy data and data on quality of life give insight about patient-relevant endpoints.

Registry platforms expand the tumor registries’ real-world data systematically with patient-reported outcome data, biobanks and additional satellite projects. In 2015, iOMEDICO launched the first registry platform CRISP (AIO-TRK-0315) for lung cancer. Further projects like OPAL (breast cancer), CARAT (renal cell carcinoma) and MYRIAM (Multiple Myeloma) followed.

For study sites: One setup – all registries – all results

Use the expertise and professional conduct of the health care research projects. The PAN-registry project allows you to recruit patients from different entities with just one setup into all active registries.

As partner of the academically oriented registry group you will receive the most recent analyses to include in your own presentations. As medical advisor you can propose research questions for new analyses and participate as an author in publications.

Benefit assessment with high-quality data

Real-world data are highly relevant for benefit assessments. They supplement clinical trial data and make comprehensive evaluation possible. So far, the development of new therapy options focused on clinicial efficacy and safety, now the focus is also on additional, complementary parameters.

The data’s potential is only accessible through high-quality design and conduct in conjunction with meticulously connecting and analysing the data through real-world data experts. The analysis and interpretation is time consuming and demands sound knowledge of real-world data methods. Our 13 years of experience guarantee a high expertise in all areas. High-quality health care research is a challenge we gladly accept.